Greetings and salutations! I’m Kendra Wilmot, the creative input behind ‘Eat to Live~Live to Eat’. I was born and raised an Idaho girl living the typical American lifestyle not putting too much thought into what I ate or how it affected me holistically. I was always relatively active, mostly healthy and considered “thin”  by most people but I was by no means toned or the picture of youthful health. On my 20th birthday I looked at myself in the mirror with tears running down my face and I realized how unhappy I was with my body and physical health. I wanted clear skin, toned muscles and look and feel someone my age should.  So I began as any newbie does-with baby steps. I had very little knowledge of proper exercise and nutrition so I started reading and experimenting with exercise routines and began cutting out certain food group  Some of those became “failed” experiments and turned into valuable lessons (I’ll spare all the nitty-gritty details for another post). My diet and lifestyle is continually changing and morphing as I continue on my personal journey; the posts on this blog share some of those experiences and lessons learned on that journey. Knowledge is something that is meant to be passed on and experiences something shared. I personally work out so that my body is capable of doing what I want to go do and I eat to fuel my body so that I have the energy to go do what I want to do. I enjoy both and think that both should be enjoyable. Our bodies intuitively know what they need both nutritionally and physically and are constantly giving us cues.  I’m by no means an expert on any of the subjects I find interesting and will be sharing. I’m a fellow journeyman who is also in pursuit of optimizing my health; not because I want to look awesome (though you would have to be a little cray-cray to say you didn’t want that!) but to feel awesome physically, mentally and emotionally so that I can experience this life to the fullest! I eat so I can live and live so I can eat!


 Now enough about me, go forth and read, cook, move and live!
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